Expo et musées

The aquarium
With a heritage of glaciers, you can find everything concerning Bourget Lake at the Aquarium. There are 50 species of fish from the most voracious to the most pretty; shellfish; birds; plankton; projections and exhibitions about the lake; its history and sights if interest; pedagogiacal animations on the water and its natural environment…A great deal of surprises await you!

The Lapidaire museum and The Temple of Diana
This ancient sanctuary is one of three fully-preserved in France. Bearing the name of Diana, “Goddess of Baths”, it represents today an archaeological museum gathering together magnificent statues and objects witnessing the importance of Aix les Bains in the roman period which, back then, was called “Aquae.”

The Faure museum
The museum presents a collection mainly composed by landscapes and nudist paintings. Most of them are from the impressionist period by painters such as Corot, Cezanne, Sisley, Pissarro and Degas. However, it is also possible to find sculptures by Rodin and a reconstruction of Lamartine's bedroom. What treasures!
Aix les Bains
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